Power utility meter readers hesitant to visit houses; More people refuse to pay bills

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BENGALURU, BIDAR, MANDYA: Ever since the Congress, which had announced 200 units of free electricity, assumed power, there have been several instances of people, especially in rural areas, refusing to pay the power bills citing the Congress guarantee. This has quite often led confrontations between power utility staff and locals.

Bescom meter readers are apparently hesitant to visit houses.

In the latest such instance that has come to light, one person in Bidar district and another in Mandya district have refused to pay the power bills. In the light of such recurring cases, meter readers of Bescom, who fear being attacked, are hesitant to visit houses for meter reading and bill collection.

Following this, senior officials of the Bescom divisions and sub-divisions are holding meetings with the staff and advising them to be patient with the consumers and to approach the police in case of serious confrontation. The Bescom staff have had to face the anger of people, specially in slum areas, when they went to issue bills or collect dues. Any amount of convicing the consumers, that official orders have not been issued, has not been cutting ice with people.

A man arguing with Gescom staff over the power bill.

In a video from Yadalapur village in Bidar taluk, a man is seen arguing with the Gescom staff that he will not pay the power bill as the Congress had promised 200 unit of free electricity and has now assumed power. “I won’t pay a single rupee. You can go to Siddaramaiah’s house or D K Shivakumar’s house and collect the money”, he is heard telling the power utility staff.

When the staff asked him if he would pay up if they returned next month, the man tell them that men and women will chase them and beat them up. Finally, the Gescom staff left his place without collecting the dues.

In Mandya district, a man cited Siddaramaiah’s campaign speech and refused to pay the bill.

In a similar instace at Keragodu village in Mandya district, a man is recalled Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s campaign speech, where he promised 200 units of free power for all within 24 hours of coming to power, and refused to pay the bill. “If you ask us to pay the power bill, we will tie you up”, the man can be seen telling the CESC staff in a video.

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