Police station where Darshan is being quizzed cordoned off, media kept away

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Public TV English
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Darshan and Pavithra Gowda are being questioned in connection with the murder of Renukaswamy.

BENGALURU: Actor Darshan, his girlfriend Pavithra Gowda and the other accused, who have been arrested in connectin with the murder of Renukaswamy, a resident of Chitradurga, spent the second night at the Annapoorneshwari Nagar police station on Wednesday.

The Annapoorneshwari Nagar police station was covered with shamiyana to prevent media glare.

The accused were reportedly provided rice and sambar for dinner and their questioning continued till late into the night. The police are also collecting technical evidence like CCTV footage, mobile tower dump, CDR, etc. While the arrested accused spent an anxious night on the day they were arrested, they reportedly slept for a few hours last night.

There were allegations that biryani was fed to the murder accused on Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, the police on Thursday morning enforced prohibitory orders around the Annapoorneshwari Nagar police station and have covered the place with tent walls (shamiyana) to prevent media glare. Police Commissioner B Dayananda was also at the police station. Media personnel were kept at a distance of 200 metres from the police station. This is perhaps for the first time that a police station has been covered up in such a manner.

Renukaswamy was murdered and his body dumped in the city for posting derogatory comments about Pavithra Gowda.

There were also allegations that Darshan was being given preferrential treatment at the police and was allowed to sleep on a cot and the accused were provided with biryani for meals on Tuesday night. Darshan is being kept in a separate room while the others were kept in the cells, it was believed.

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