Police seize roosters from cockfight venue, lock them up behind bars!

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The seized roosters were kept in a lockup before being released in a poultry farm.

KOPPAL: The Karatagi police, who had seized three roosters from a place where a cockfight was organised, had put the birds behind bars after they failed to catch those who had organised the event.

On Tuesday evening, a cockfight was organised at Basavanna Camp near Pannapura in Karatagi taluk in connection with the Sankramana celebrations.

A cockfight was organised at Basavanna Camp in connection with the Sankramana celebrations.

Shockingly, the police, who raided the place, seized the roosters and put them in the men’s holding cell at the police station and did not arrest even a single person who was involved in the wagers. They also seized some motorcycles. In their defence, the police claimed that the gamblers had escaped from the spot.

After being ridiculed for their action and facing criticism from various quarters, the police on Wednesday released the roosters at a private poultry farm. A case has been registered in connection with the gambling event.

The police had also seized a few motorcycles.

During major festivals like Sankranti, Ugadi and Deepavali, cockfights, which are banned, are organised in different parts of the district and the wager sum runs into crores. Some of these events are even organised by political leaders. Only a few days ago, a local BJP leader, who had organised a cockfight, was caught by the Karatagi police themselves.

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