Police bust inter-state vehicle robbery gang, four arrested in Mathura

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MATHURA: Four people belonging to an inter-state vehicle robbery gang were arrested, and 14 stolen motorcycles were recovered in Mathura, the police informed on Friday.

The arrests were made by the Kosi Kalan Police near the Kharot village in Kosi Kalan. The four robbers were arrested while they were trying to load stolen motorcycles into some other vehicle, planning to take them to Mewart region.

SSP Shailesh Pandey told the media that the robbers were running an inter-state vehicle robbery gang.

“That the four gang members had served jail sentences earlier also, and they formed an inter-state gang together in the jail itself. The robbers steal motorcycles from across the states, sell them and distribute the money among themselves. They have stolen more than 150 motorcycles so far,” he said.

The four arrested have been identified as residents of Haryana, Agra, Aligarh and Kosi Kalan.

Other than the stolen vehicles, the police also recovered a master key, illegal knives and weapons from the robbers. (ANI)

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