Police book case against participants of rally to distribute Akshat in Hyderabad

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HYDERABAD: The Hyderabad police have registered a case against some people for holding a rally to distribute Akshat (sacred rice) in Secunderabad on December 29. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) have lashed out at the Congress government over filing the case.

A case was registered that the rally violated the permits and caused nuisance and inconvenience to the public. The case was filed earlier, but the FIR came to light recently. The public road was obstructed, and permitted timings and norms were violated, as per the FIR registered.

The FIR further stated that DJ played songs and a route different from the permitted one was opted for. BJP MLA T Raja Singh said, “One anti-Ram government lost power in Telangana, but another anti-Ram government came into power. Atrocities have been committed against Hindus in the Congress-led states. This is the history of Congress”.

“The country is getting Ram Mandir after years of struggle by devotees. The grand inauguration ceremony is on January 22. Sacred rice has arrived from Ayodhya, and a door-to-door distribution campaign is being carried out. People have been asked to illuminate five lamps and participate in the same. A good atmosphere is created in the entire country, but unfortunately, in Telangana, if a Ram bhakt goes out to distribute Akshat, he is beaten and lathi-charged”, Singh said.

Singh also alleged that the former chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao and the current Congress chief minister Revanth Reddy were “anti-Ram”. “The KCR government was run by goons. False cases were filed against innocent Hindus during the KCR government. But now Revanth Reddy has also started showing his true colours. He too, is anti-Ram. I want to tell the police that we won’t be afraid of such false cases getting registered”, he said.

The BJP MLA further requested Revanth Reddy to declare a holiday on January 22. “Everyone wants to witness this grand event on January 22. A holiday must be declared in the state of Telangana for the same. Without a holiday declaration, everybody would have to go to work”.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad worker Kailash said, “Not only in our country but sacred rice from Ayodhya has reached 139 countries.”

He further said, “The committee responsible for Akshat distribution has permission to follow a particular road map as well as a permit to use the music system. An FIR registered by the police states that the wrong route was followed and DJ was used. I want the police to show evidence for the same”. (ANI)

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