PM urges MPs to provide more opportunities to young lawmakers

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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday urged leaders of all political parties and all floor leaders to give more opportunities to first time, new and young MPs in the Parliament, and to make the Winter Session productive with combined effort.

“In this session, efforts will be made to take important decisions while keeping in mind taking the country to new heights of development and new opportunities to take the country forward amid current global situation. I am confident that all parties will add value to discussions and give power to decisions made through their ideas,” said PM Modi while addressing the mediapersons before the start of the Winter Session of the Parliament.

“I urge leaders of all political parties and all floor leaders that we give more and more opportunities to the first-time MPs, the new MPs, the young MPs for their bright future and to prepare the future generation of democracy and that their participation in discussions increase,” PM Modi said.

The Prime Minister stated that all floor leaders, party leaders understand the pain of the young and first time MPs when the House does not function due to ruckus.

“When I unofficially met MPs of almost all political parties in the past few days, they said that when ruckus takes place in House and it gets adjourned, it affects MPs. Youth MPs say that when proceedings don’t go on and discussions aren’t held, they get devoid of learning and understanding,” PM Modi added.

“That is why it is of utmost importance for the House to function, especially youth MPs say this. Even Opposition MPs say they don’t get to speak in debates, House gets adjourned and they suffer losses. I think all Floor Leaders and party Leaders will understand this pain of the MPs,” the Prime Minister said.

“I urge all parliamentarians of all parties to make this Session productive with combined efforts, he added.
PM Modi also wished Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar for his tenure as Rajya Sabha Chairman.

“Today, for the first time, our Vice President will begin his tenure as Rajya Sabha Chairman. The manner in which President Droupadi Murmu played a big role in making India proud with tribal traditions, similarly a farmer’s son  as the Vice President and Rajya Sabha Chairman will make India proud today. He will inspire and encourage MPs”, the PM said.

The winter session of the Parliament began on Wednesday. It will have a total of 17 working days.

The BJP-led Central government’s agenda for the winter session of Parliament includes 16 new bills. (ANI)

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