Modi takes ‘red diary’ jibe at Ashok Gehlot, says ‘kursi ka khel’ continued in Rajasthan

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JODHPUR: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday attacked Ashok Gehlot government over “corruption” citing the “red diary” revealed by sacked Rajasthan Minister Rajendra Gudha and said the truth will come out if BJP comes to power.

Addressing a rally here, PM Modi said the Congress government had not worked for the development of the state and ‘kursi ka khel’ continued in the state round the clock. He also accused the Congress of pursuing “appeasement politics”.

“In five years, Congress Government did not walk even one step. The ‘kursi ka khel’ continued here round the clock…Have you heard about ‘Lal Diary’? People say that the diary contains every misdeed of Congress’ corruption. Tell me, should the secrets of the diary not come out in the open? Should the dishonest not be punished? Will Congress Government let the secrets of the diary come in open? For the truth to come out, you will have to form a BJP Government,” he said.

Gudha was sacked as minister by Gehlot soon after he talked in the state Assembly about “atrocities against women” in the state.

Gudha claimed that the “red diary” contained records of “misdeeds” of the Gehlot government and that he had retrieved it from the residence of an associate of the Chief Minister. He later alleged that three pages of the “red diary” contained details of “irregularities” in Rajasthan Cricket Association.

PM Modi alleged that Congress has brought Rajasthan to the top of the country in terms “of corruption and riots” and “atrocities against women and Dalits”.

“The BJP Government at the Centre is making every effort on its part for the development of Rajasthan. But it is painful to see the condition here…Congress has brought Rajasthan to the top of the country in terms of corruption and riots. It has made Rajasthan the number one in terms of atrocities against women and Dalits. Congress has given a free hand to the drugs business,” he said.

“When such is the condition of law and order situation, investment doesn’t take place and business is ruined. But the Congress government loves its vote bank more than the welfare of Rajasthan. When Jodhpur was burning with riots, what was the CM doing? When violence erupted here and innocents were killed, what were the Congress leaders doing? Is Congress’ first and last policy just appeasement? A Congress MLA herself says that she is not safe, we can imagine what would be the condition of common girls and women,” he added.

The Prime Minister also attacked the Congress government in the state over the “paper leak mafia”.

“I would make one more promise to you. Congress’ paper leak mafia has ruined the future of lakhs of youth here. The youth of Rajasthan is demanding justice…BJP Government will take strict actions against all such paper leak mafia,” he said.

The Prime Minister said it is BJP’s resolve to make Rajasthan the number one state in tourism.

“Who can make that happen?…Modi can’t do that, your vote can do that. With the power of your vote, BJP will form the Govt in Rajasthan and it will become the number one state in tourism,” he said.

“For the BJP Government, your health is our priority. On one side, we are providing free treatment facilities to poor families under the Ayushman Bharat scheme and on the other side, we are building modern hospitals in record numbers,” he added. (ANI)

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