PM Modi takes on DMK govt for ‘China rocket’ in print ad, says ‘insulted scientists, taxpayers’

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TIRUNELVELI (Tamil Nadu): Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted the ruling, Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (fmk) in Tamil Nadu over a newspaper advertisement of the state government that allegedly showcased a ‘Chinese rocket’.

The Prime Minister accused the DMK of ‘looting’ people’s tax money and alleged that the state government insulted the scientists of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) who were part of the country’s successful space missions, including Chandrayaan-3.

“The DMK is a party that does not work, but stands ahead to take false credit. These people paste their stickers on our schemes. Now they have crossed the limits, they have pasted China’s sticker to take credit for the ISRO launch pad in Tamil Nadu”, PM Modi said while addressing a gathering in Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu.

The Prime Minister alleged that the DMK is ‘not ready’ to accept India’s progress in the space sector. “They are not ready to accept India’s progress in the space sector and with the taxes that you pay, they give advertisements and do not even include a picture of India’s space in it. They did not want to present India’s space success in front of the world, they insulted our scientists, our space sector, and your tax money. Now it’s high time that the DMK is punished for their deeds”, PM Modi said.

He further lashed out at the Congress and DMK and accused the alliance parties of engaging in ‘dividing’ the nation. “India celebrated the Pran Pratishtha of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. A few days ago, a resolution was moved in Parliament regarding the same. All the members of DMK left the house. This behaviour shows how much the DMK leaders despise your faith”, he said.

“DMK and Congress are hell-bent on dividing the nation. Whereas, the BJP considers every person a family member,” the Prime Minister said. He expressed confidence that people in the state look up to BJP for development.

“Children, old people, youth, women, poor and middle class, every section, every society of Tamil Nadu is coming with BJP with full confidence today. People of Tamil Nadu are looking at BJP with great hopes. People are seeing how BJP has taken forward the positive politics of sensitivity and social justice in the country”, he said.

“This immense love and trust of Tamil Nadu is a big responsibility for us. People see how the BJP has promoted the positive politics of sensitivity and social justice. I guarantee you, the BJP will leave no stone unturned to rise up to your expectations”, PM Modi said.

The Prime Minister highlighted the proposal for AIIMS to be built in Madurai while accusing the state government of ‘non-cooperation’. “Today, if the country moves forward 100 steps, then Tamil Nadu should also move forward with the same speed, this is Modi’s resolve. Therefore, if we have opened many new AIIMS in the country in the last 10 years, then we are going to open AIIMS in Madurai also,” he said.

“Today, if every poor person in the country is getting guaranteed free treatment up to Rs five lakh, then more than 50 lakh beneficiaries are our brothers and sisters from Tamil Nadu. And we are doing this service when there is a government in the state which is not ready to cooperate with us even for the interest of Tamil Nadu”, PM Modi outlined.

He also criticised the DMK government of standing against development of the state while vowing to return to power on them. “Therefore, you all need to be alert from the state government that is opposed to the development of Tamil Nadu and such anti-development political parties and now demand an account from them”, he said.

BJP state president K Annamalai was also present at the event. Earlier in the day, the Prime Minister inaugurated, laid the foundation stone of and dedicated to the nation multiple development projects worth Rs 17,300 crores in Thoothukudi. The Prime Minister launched around 15 projects during the occasion. He said the projects were symbolic of the spirit of ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’. (ANI)

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