PM Modi: ‘Shehzada’s X-ray machine will now check wardrobe of mothers and sisters’

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AGRA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on the Congress and INDIA bloc, accusing them of systematic plunder, asserting, “Looting is their modus operandi — both in the present and the afterlife (‘Zindagi ke Saath bhi, Zindagi ke Baad bhi’).”

Referring to Rahul Gandhi, the PM alleged that Shahzade’s x-ray machine now seeks to scrutinise the wardrobes of mothers and sisters.

Addressing an election rally in Kothi Meena market of Agra on Thursday, Modi took a direct swipe at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, saying, “The Shahzade’s x-ray machine now seeks to scrutinize the wardrobes of mothers and sisters”, referring to the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s rhetoric about using an ‘x-ray machine’ to scrutinise the belongings of ordinary citizens, including their cupboards and locker.

Modi highlighted the concerns regarding the conspiracy of the Congress and its allies to deprive OBCs, of their reservation rights. He also criticized the Samajwadi Party for joining Congress in this conspiracy, in utter betrayal of the Yadavs and the OBCs. He further warned the people against Congress’ design to rob people of their ancestral properties. Modi reiterated his mission for a prosperous India, seeking the electorate’s blessings for progress and development.

Speaking on the Defence Corridor in Agra, the Prime Minister remarked, “The Corridor has unsettled individuals accustomed to amassing wealth through ties with international arms dealers. The previous administrations facilitated such transactions through corrupt practices, allowing arms brokers to operate with impunity”.

According to the Prime Minister, these vested interests within the nation harbour resentment towards his emphasis on domestic weapon production and self-sufficiency in the field. “Their ire stems from the prospect of India’s armed forces achieving autonomy in defence capabilities. Consequently, these factions have rallied together in opposition to Modi’s initiatives”, he stated.

The Prime Minister criticized the INDI alliance for prioritizing the vote bank over the nation’s welfare. He contrasted this approach with his government’s commitment to delivering public welfare schemes to all eligible beneficiaries without bias, framing it as a manifestation of secularism and genuine social justice. Modi reiterated his pledge to ensure equitable access to essential amenities such as free rations, healthcare, housing, sanitation, and clean water for all citizens. Emphasizing his administration’s dedication to national progress, he lauded Chief Minister Yogi’s efforts to implement these initiatives at the grassroots level.

Accusing the INDI alliance of engaging in blatant appeasement tactics, the Prime Minister pointed to what he described as glaring evidence of such behaviour. He said, “The Congress’s 24 election manifesto bore the imprint of the Muslim League, suggesting a singular focus on bolstering their electoral base.”

In stark contrast, he asserted that his party’s manifesto prioritizes the nation’s advancement over narrow partisan interests. Emphasizing the constitutional prohibition against religious-based reservation in India, he criticized the Congress for what he perceived as a daily insult to the legacy of Baba Saheb Ambedkar and a systematic erosion of social justice principles.

The Prime Minister alleged that the Congress, through covert manoeuvres, aims to introduce religious-based reservations, thereby jeopardizing the existing 27 percent reservation for OBCs in favour of their electoral constituency. He cited the example of the Congress government in Karnataka, accusing them of swiftly reclassifying all Muslim castes as OBCs to the detriment of genuine OBCs, effectively depriving them of their rightful entitlements.

The Prime Minister warned people against the Congress’s conspiracy to replicate its tactics in Uttar Pradesh, depriving OBCs of their entitlements wherever they gain a foothold across the nation. He accused the Samajwadi Party of complicity in this endeavour, urging the OBCs, Dalits, and marginalized communities to discern the perils of this insidious collusion between Congress and SP.

Emphasizing the constitutional rights of numerous OBC castes in Uttar Pradesh, including Kurmi, Maurya, Kushwaha, Yadav, Jat, Gurjar, Rajbhar, Teli, and Pal, he cautioned against Congress and SP’s agenda to redirect these privileges to their preferred electoral base. The Prime Minister condemned what he deemed as the SP’s betrayal of Yadavs and backward classes for political gain, suggesting that the camaraderie between two boys in Uttar Pradesh is rooted in the politics of appeasement, with both entities conspiring to strip OBCs of their rights surreptitiously.

The Yogi government’s crackdown on land encroachers was lauded by the Prime Minister, who highlighted a shift from the previous administration’s leniency towards such offenders. He recalled how, before Yogi’s tenure, specific individuals had brazenly laid claim to government land with the tacit approval of the ruling government in Lucknow. However, these individuals who used slogans like ‘Jo Zameen Sarkari hai, vo Zameen Humari hai” have faced appropriate consequences for their actions under the current government, he pointed out.

He cautioned against the potential ramifications of a Congress-SP government, suggesting that they would not hesitate to seize even the most cherished and prized possessions, such as Mangalsutras and jewellery, from women. Asserting the people’s resolve to safeguard their belongings, he emphasized that no intimidation would deter them from protecting their rightful property, known as ‘Stridhan’.

The PM said that as a watchman he would guard people’s prized possessions, including their rightful inheritance, against the Congress and INDIA bloc’s evil intentions. According to him, the opposition’s plot includes seizing a substantial portion, 55 per cent, of the fruits of one’s labour, thereby jeopardizing the wealth intended for future generations through excessive taxation.

The public meeting was attended by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, along with ministers Babyrani Maurya, Yogendra Upadhyay, Dharamveer Prajapati, Agra MP and BJP candidate SP Singh Baghel, and Fatehpur Sikri MP and BJP candidate Rajkumar Chahar, among others. (ANI)

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