PM Modi: Double engine govt making investment on infrastructure along with schemes for poor welfare

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SOUTH GOA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the fast-paced development of roads, railways and airports in the country and said, “Double engine government is making record investments in infrastructure along with running big schemes for the welfare of the poor”.

Addressing the ‘Viksit Bharat, Viksit Goa 2047’ programme on Tuesday, PM Modi highlighted the government’s efforts towards the welfare of the fish breeders, where he mentioned the formation of a dedicated Ministry, Prime Minister Kisan Credit Card facility, an increase in the insurance amount to Rs 5 lakh, and a subsidy for the modernization of boats.

He pointed out that Rs 11 lakh crore has been allocated for infrastructure developments in this year’s budget compared to less than Rs 2 lakh crore 10 years ago.┬áReferring to Swayampurna Goa, PM Modi praised the good governance model of the Goa Government leading to the foremost position of the people of Goa on the parameter of well-being.

The Prime Minister mentioned saturation of ‘Har Ghar Nal se Jal’, electricity connections, LPG coverage, being Kerosene free, open defecation free and saturation coverage in many of the central government schemes. “Saturation leads to elimination of discrimination and full transfer of benefits to all beneficiaries. That is why I say, “Saturation is true secularism, Saturation is real social justice and Saturation is Modi’s guarantee to Goa and the country”, the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister mentioned the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra where more than 30 thousand people in Goa availed various benefits. He said that new employment opportunities arise and the income of every person increases where development projects are taking place.

Regarding the government’s efforts in enhancing connectivity and establishing Goa as a logistics hub, the Prime Minister stated, “Our government is working towards improving connectivity in Goa and transforming it into a logistics hub. The inauguration of the Manohar Parrikar International Airport in Goa has facilitated continuous domestic and international flights.”

He also mentioned the country’s second longest cable bridge, New Zuari Bridge, which was dedicated to people last year. Underlining the rapid infrastructure development in Goa, including new roads, bridges, railway routes, and educational institutions, the Prime Minister remarked, “These developments are propelling the growth of Goa to new heights.”

Prime Minister Modi highlighted India’s rich cultural and natural heritage, emphasizing the government’s efforts to position India as a holistic tourist destination. He stated, “Every form of tourism is available in our country, on a single visa. Previous governments lacked vision for the development of tourist destinations, coastal areas, and islands.”

Recognizing the potential of eco-tourism in Goa’s rural areas, the Prime Minister underscored the government’s focus on promoting tourism in Goa’s hinterlands to benefit local residents. The Prime Minister also listed initiatives to enhance tourism infrastructure in Goa with the development of modern facilities such as food courts, restaurants, and waiting rooms to make Goa an even more attractive destination.

“The government is committed to developing Goa as a tourist destination for conference tourism”, the Prime Minister remarked, recalling his visit to the India Energy Week 2024 earlier in the day. He mentioned multiple important G20 meetings and big diplomatic meetings taking place in Goa in the past years.

He also gave examples of tournaments such as the World Table Tennis Championship, World Beach Volleyball Tour, FIFA Under-17 Women Football World Cup and 37th National Games that were organized in Goa taking its identity to the entire world.

He lauded the contribution of football in Goa and honoured Brahmanand Shankhwalkar with the Padma Award for his invaluable contribution to the sport. The Prime Minister said that the infrastructure developed for the National Games in the state will help the athletes to realize their dreams.

Highlighting the government’s focus on education, the Prime Minister mentioned the establishment of several institutions in Goa, transforming it into a major educational hub. He also informed about the Budget announcement of a Rs 1 lakh crore fund for research and innovation to foster technological advancements and benefit the youth and industries.

The Prime Minister emphasized the collective efforts required for the rapid development of Goa, urging everyone to contribute to the state’s progress. (ANI)

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