People in Dhaka protest against China, demand Tibetan independence

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DHAKA: People in Dhaka have been protesting against Beijing, highlighting the issue of Tibetan independence from China. The protestors also called on the global community to put pressure on China to grant independence to Tibet.

A solidarity rally was held and human chain was formed under the aegis of Muktijoddha Mancha in front of the National Museum, Shahbag in Dhaka.

The protesters were carrying banners “China Fails Human Rights”, “Tibet is Not Part of China”, “Free Tibet China Out” and many more.

The Tibetans mark February 13 as Independence Day as on this day in 1913 the 13th Dalai Lama declared Tibetan independence in the declaration of the “Proclamation of Independence”.

Tibet was occupied by China in March 1959 and since then the Tibetans are facing the worst human rights violations.

In a recent report, the UN experts warned that around a million children of the Tibetan minority were being affected by Chinese government policies aimed at assimilating Tibetan people culturally, religiously, and linguistically through a residential school system.

“We are very disturbed that in recent years, the residential school system for Tibetan children appears to act as a mandatory large-scale program intended to assimilate Tibetans into majority Han culture, contrary to international human rights standards,” the UN experts said.

Rising Chinese atrocities have forced a large number of Tibetans to migrate from Tibet and take shelter in different parts of the world.

They are demanding Free Tibet and seeking urgent intervention from United Nations and the international community to provide them justice.

The solidarity march in Dhaka is a testimony of the growing Bangladeshi support for protecting the human rights of Tibetans. (ANI)

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