Pejawar seer suffers injury during tulabhara at Delhi math

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Public TV English
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The rope holding the scale got cut and the scale fell on the seer.

UDUPI: Pejawar Math seer Sri Vishwaprasanna Theertha Swami, who is currently in Delhi, suffered injury when the weighing scale fell on him during tulabhara two days ago.

After completing Chaturmasa, the seer had visited the Pejawar Math in Delhi where a tulabhara was to be conducted. When the pontiff was seated on one side of the scale, the balance fell on his head after the rope tied to the roof got cut.

The Pejawar seer said he is completely alright now.

Reacting to the issue on Friday, Vishwaprasanna Theertha Swami said, “I am alright and the wound too has completely healed over the last two days. It was not a major injury and there is no need for anyone to be anxious”.

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