Parked ambulance suddenly moves, bangs into car ahead

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The ambulance suddenly started moving and hit the car parked ahead of it.

MYSURU: A parked ambulance suddenly started moving and crashed into a car parked ahead of it on Ramanuja Road here early on Tuesday morning. However, what caused the vehicle to move remains a mystery.

Thick smoke started coming out of the ambulance.

In CCTV footage that is available, some smoke is seen in the parked ambulance and the engine suddenly fires up causing it to move ahead and crash into a car. The ambulance also pushed the car for some distance before it came to a halt.

Some locals poured water and put out the smoke.

Soon, the ambulance was engulfed in smoke and some locals can be seen throwing buckets of water to put out the smoke. Both the ambulance and the car sustained some damage in the incident.

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