Paris Hilton reveals she was pressured into making sex tape

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Paris Hilton reveals she was pressured into making sex tape

NEW DELHI: American media personality and businesswoman Paris Hilton has revealed some private details regarding her 2004 leaked sex tape.

According to Fox News, a USA- based news outlet, in her memoir ‘Paris: The Memoir’, the pop culture icon shared that she was allegedly pressured to record the tape in 1999, despite persistently “making excuses” as he “kept pushing.”

In a recently published excerpt of her memoir, Hilton revealed that when at the age of 18, she encountered a man she refers to refer by the nickname ‘Scum’. The socialite did not reveal the man’s actual name but described their first meeting in detail. Hilton was famously in a relationship with Rick Salomon at the time.

“He told me if I wouldn’t do it, he could easily find someone who would, and that was the worst thing I could think of — to be dumped by this grown man because I was a stupid kid who didn’t know how to play grown-up games,” Hilton alleged of Salomon, who was 10 years her senior.

Fox News reported that the hotel heiress said that she was “tipsy and tired” and that she was informed the intimate film was “just for us.” Hilton added that even prior to her relationship with Salomon, she “hated the idea of sex.” “I avoided sex until it was absolutely unavoidable,” she wrote.

When the reality series ‘The Simple Life’ starring Hilton and Nicole Richie debuted in 2004, Hilton said there were several headlines claiming she was “sleeping around” which was “not the truth at all.”

“I did it. I have to own that. I knew what he wanted and I went with it. I needed to prove myself to him and to myself, so I got hammered and I did it,” Hilton admitted, according to Fox News.

Years later, Hilton received a call from her publicist informing her that a 37-second sex tape was circulating the internet. She pleaded with her ex-boyfriend not to distribute the footage.

“I called my old boyfriend and begged: ‘Please, please, please don’t do this’. He sounded distant and cool, saying it was too late, it was already out there… He said he had every right to sell something that belonged to him – something that had a lot of financial value,” she claimed of Salomon.

After the release, Salomon sued Hilton for defamation, and she countersued him. As per Fox News, The Independent reported that the pair settled their suits out of court in 2005. (ANI)

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