Over 150 taken ill in Vijayapura, Raichur villages after consuming contaminated water

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Medical personnel attending to children at a hospital in Indi.

VIJAYAPURA/RAICHUR: Over 100 residents of Satpura village, including children, in Indi taluk of Vijayapura district have suddenly taken ill. It is suspected that they fell ill after consuming contaminated water.

Over 100 people have fallen sick in Satpura village.

The affected people complained of vomiting and diarrhoea and have been admitted to the government hospital in Indi and also in private hospitals.

Health authorities are camping in the affected villages in Manvi taluk.

In Valkandinni and Jookoor village of Manvi taluk in Raichur district, more than 40 people have complained of similar symptoms and have been admitted hospitals. The suspected water contamination also claimed the life of Lakshmi (28) of Jookoor village.

Health officials examine a child at the community centre at Valkaldinni village.

The affected villagers are also being treated at the community centre in Valkaldinni by doctors, ASHA and anganwadi workers.

District Health Officer Dr Surendra Babu, who visited the affected villages, has advised residents to consume only boiled and cooled water. Samples of water have also been sent to labs for testing.


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