Otters come out as water level rises, Hampi monuments go under water

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With the water level rising, otters are now being spotted often.

BALLARI: With the Tungabhadra dam full and about 1.44 lakh cusecs of water being released, otters are now being spotted near the reservoir. The generally shy creatures are also being spotted near Hampi and come to the shore at times when there are no people.

At the World Herigate Site of Hampi, many historical sites have been submerged in the rising waters. The district administration has cautioned those living on the banks of the river not to venture in it.

The Purandara Dasa mantapa, the Saalu mantapa and the Yanthroddharaka Koti Linga Karma mantapa are already submerged and it is feared that more may go under water if more water is released.

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