Opposition leader Ashoka criticizes Karnataka govt’s decision to ban ‘Hamare Baarah’ in state

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BENGALURU: Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly, R Ashoka, on Friday criticised Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s decision to ban the movie ‘Hamare Baarah’ in the state.

Ashoka took to his X account on Friday to condemn the move, labeling it as another attempt to suppress freedom of speech and expression in Karnataka. “CM @siddaramaiah’s decision to ban #HamareBaarah movie in Karnataka is yet another brazen attempt to muzzle freedom of speech and expression in the state,” wrote Ashoka in his tweet.

Questioning the motives behind the ban, the BJP leader asked who the Chief Minister and the Karnataka Congress were trying to appease with this action.

“Who is CM @siddaramaiah and @INCKarnataka trying to please with this ban? There is no threat to law and order in Karnataka because of this movie, which is being screened across the country. Instead of protecting the civil liberties and freedom of expression CM @siddaramaiah has yet again chosen to stand with radical elements. Shame on @INCKarnataka ‘s regressive vote bank politics and intolerance”, he said.

Earlier in the day, the Karnataka government banned the release or broadcast of the movie ‘Hamare Baarah’ in the state for two weeks or until further notice. The decision came in accordance with the Karnataka Cinema Regulations Act 1964, sections 15(1) and 15(5).

The Karnataka government alleged that the release of ‘Hamare Baarah’ would create communal tension in the state. Authorities made this decision after considering requests from several minority organizations and delegations, and after watching the trailer. The movie was slated to release on June 7, 2024 across the country.

‘Hamare Baarah’, which explores the theme of overpopulation, has garnered attention for its bold narrative and thought-provoking themes. Starring Annu Kapoor, Manoj Joshi, and Paritosh Tripathi, it has captured the public imagination and anticipation.

The imposition of the stay had raised serious concerns among the producers, who had invested significantly in the film’s production and distribution. This legal obstacle emerged following a petition filed by specific religious community activists, challenging the film’s release.

Jointly produced by Birender Bhagat, Ravi S Gupta, Sanjay Nagpal, and Sheo Balak Singh, and directed by Kamal Chandra, ‘Hamare Baarah’ promises to deliver a compelling narrative, shedding light on a pressing social issue. (ANI)

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