Onion price drops sharply to Rs 5 per kg

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BENGALURU: At a time when the prices of everyday items, including petrol and diesel have increased, prices of onion have come crashing down to Rs 5 per kg in the state.

Onions are used in most of the Indian dishes. While there are times when its prices go up drastically, it has now dropped to Rs 3 to Rs 10 per kg. The price of the onion is Rs 1,100 per quintal and the farmers, who expected a good price, are disappointed. They claimed that they has spent thousands of rupees towards renting trucks to shift the produce to the marke, apart from fertilisers and seeds.

The onion rates have dropped to Rs 5 per kg in the state.

The main reason for the drop in onion prices is the huge production which has resulted in a glut. Besides, onions from other states have also arrived in Karnataka. Farmers are now demanding the government to announce a minimum support price for onions.

Girish, a trader

“The farmers have grown a good yield this time, but there is no support price from the government. Due to the summer season, the onions are not of good quality. The government should announce a support price,” said Girish, an onion trader.

Siddu, an onion farmer.

“The onion price has dropped and there is no income. Fertilisers are expensive and farmers are facing huge losses. If the traders give us Rs 30-35 per kg, then we can be assured of some income. We have to pay the rental too,” said Siddu, an onion farmer.

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