On Women’s Day, Kolar BJP MP shouts at woman vendor for not wearing bindi

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Kolar MP S Muniswamy shouting at a woman vendor for not wearing a bindi during an exhibition and sales fair.

KOLAR: Kolar BJP MP S Muniswamy triggered a fresh controversy with his remarks during an event on Women’s Day on March 8.

On Wednesday, he scolded a woman in a shop about not wearing a bindi on her forehead. “Wear a bindi first. Your husband is alive, isn’t he? You have no common sense”, the BJP Lok Sabha member shouted at a woman vendor. A video of the MP scolding the woman is also circulating on social media.

Kolar MP S Muniswamy inaugurated the exhibition for women vendors.

Earlier, the MP inaugurated an exhibition and sale fair on Women’s Day. While condemning it, the Congress party said such incidents “reflect the culture” of the BJP. (ANI)

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