Officials, vendors swindling school development funds?

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PAKIRAIAH GANACHARI in HAVERI: Funds meant to purchase teaching aids and other equipment for government schools seems to be lining the pockets of officials and private vendors.

The school development committee of the Government Lower Primary School at Benchihalli and Haveri taluk had approached the taluk panchayat for funds to buy desks and teaching aids for science subjects. The school has about 45 children studying from Classes 1 to 5.

Recently, some teaching aids and equipment were sent through the school headmaster. When the school development committee raised the issue with the taluk panchayat officials, they were shown a receipt for Rs 60,000 towards purchase of those articles.

The committee members and other villagers say the items sent to the school, which include models of the human body parts, charts showing the flow of blood, etc., would not cost more than Rs4,000-5,000. Not only in Binchihalli, such articles were supplied to schools in other parts of the district too.

When the school development committee members raised the issue with the taluk panchayat officials, they were asked to question the vendor. However, the vendor told them that they cannot question him, but should direct their queries to the panchayat officials.

This angered the school committee members who have alleged largescale corruption involving officials and vendors and have demanded strict action against those involved. They also insisted that the school must be supplied with all proper teaching aids.


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