Not given compensation for property, man blocks under-construction road

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BENGALURU: A man who gave up his property for the construction of a road has blocked it over not being given compensation, at Hoysala Nagar in Sunkadakatte under Dasarahalli Assembly Constituency.

The residents of Hoysala Nagar Road are facing several problems, including lack of proper drainage, dust inside and outside the house, damage to electricity poles, stones, daily traffic jams and various diseases. They’ve been dealing with this issue for the past six months. Even though residents have made several complaints to the authorities concerned and the local MLA, no action has been taken.

Bus and other vehicles have been travelling in the 8-10-foot-wide road for the last six months, causing problems for residents.

The BMTC bus and other goods vehicle have been travelling in the 8- to 10-foot-wide road for the last six months, causing problems for residents.

The dispute over the private land, which had been going on for 30 years, was finally resolved six months ago and asphalting work on Hegganahalli Road in Sunkadakatte was taken up. Vehicles were diverted to Mahadeshwara Nagar Road, but as this route is longer, all vehicles are using Hoysala Nagar Road for travel.

The road work from Sunkadakatte to Hegganahalli is almost complete, but the work has been stopped midway now after the previous owner of the property closed road claiming that he did not get compensation for the land acquired by the local MLA and authorities concerned despite a court order.

Srinivas, a local resident.

“The government has not given compensation to the land owner. If they give compensation, the road work can be completed. Due to the closure of the road, citizens are facing problems even the BMTC buses are using the narrow Hoysala Nagar road. We want early resolution for this, otherwise we may have to sell our properties and move elsewhere”, Srinivas, a local resident, rued.

Sunil, a local resident

“For 30-35 years, we have been living here and there is no substitute road for this. It has become very difficult for vehicles, especially BMTC buses, to pass through this road. No one has responded to our appeal. We want a good road to commute. The road is filled with dust and it is affecting residents. We elect representatives to work for us, but they ignore our problmes. People are forced to use the narrow roads”, said Sunil, another local.

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