No water, first aid medicines at ‘Neravu’ centres in Bengaluru

Public TV English
Public TV English
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BENGALURU:  The Bengaluru police department installed several ‘Neravu’ centres in prominent areas of the city under the Safe City project. These are emergency, portable cabins, especially for women and general public. The centre should be equipped with a first aid box, fans, bunker beds, chairs, a sink, a washroom, emergency contact details, and the number of the jurisdictional police station displayed outside the cabin.

A reality check by Public TV revealed the pitiable state of these ‘Neravu’ centres. The safe assistance centre should have at least basic facilities, but the first aid boxes are not equipped with emergency kits to treat patients during emergencies like accident, and no water is available. The help centre right in front of Vidhana Soudha, the seat of power, is also closed.

The Neravu Kendra at KR Circle in the heart of the city.

The ‘Neravu’ centre is a prominent project of the police department under the Safe City project and have been set up at important junctions in Bengaluru for women, patients, and the general public for rest. The centre should have bed, drinking water and first aid kits. But the prevailing situation is such that there is a lack of basic facilities in the centres and some of these centers have even closed down.

At the Neravu centre near KR Circle, there is no water to drink, no medicines in the first aid kit and no water supply in the toilet. Similar is the situation at the Neravu centre near Chalukya Circle located a short distance away from the Vidhana Soudha. There is no policeman available here, and the doors of the centre are locked.

Another Neravu cabin was installed at the Corporation Circle, but there is no first aid kit and no medicines to handle emergency patients.

The police department has appointed a woman police constable at every Neravu centre. But there is a lack of infrastructure. Now the public are questioning the police department about the purpose of ‘ Neravu’ centres and their use of without basic facilities.

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