No heavy vehicles on Peenya flyover for 125 days to take up strengthening work

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BENGALURU: Movement of heavy vehicles the Peenya flyover has been restricted for 125 days after the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) said it is not in favour of heavy load on the structure.

Earlier, heavy vehicle movement on the flyover was restricted for two to three months due to technical issues. After installing cables to the pillars and resolving technical issues, the IISc conducted a safety test for heavy vehicle and approved traffic movement on the flyover.

Home gurads and traffic police giving direction to Heavy vehicles to go on service roads.

However, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has now decided to install new cables as a precautionary measure before any technical issue arises. The tender has been called and work will most likely start in February. To complete the work, restriction on heavy vehicle movement on the flyover has been imposed for 125 days. The traffic police and Home Guards have set up barricades and have begun to direct heavy vehicle drivers to use the surface level road.

Dr Chandra Kishan, a professor at IISc

“We are planning to install additional cables to strengthen the flyover. Light vehicles movement is allowed on the flyover and only heavy vehicles are restricted. The tender has been called and it will take three months to complete the cabling work. We will install the cable on the spans between two pillars. There are a total of 120 spans between pillars along the flyover. We will install 240 cables and strengthen the flyover, conduct safety tests and then allow heavy vehicle movement in the flyover”, said Dr Chandra Kishan, a professor at IISc.

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