‘NMACC is an ode to our country’: Nita at Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre opening

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MUMBAI:  Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre was inaugurated on Friday in Mumbai, with a long line of celebs gracing the grand opening ceremony.

India’s first-of-its-kind, multi-disciplinary cultural space, the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre, showcases India’s finest offerings in music, theatre, fine arts, and crafts.

The Centre will mark another definitive step in strengthening India’s cultural infrastructure and bringing to fruition the best of India and the world in the sphere of arts.

Talking about the Cultural Centre, the Founder-Chairperson of Reliance Foundation, Nita Ambani said, “NMACC is an ode to our country, to the rich legacy and heritage that we all have inherited. I hope the spaces here nurture young talent, not only from the metros and cities but from small towns and remotest villages. I hope it becomes a home for the art, artisans and the audience.”

The Centre will be highly inclusive with free access for children, students, senior citizens, and the differently abled, and will strongly focus on community nurturing programmes including school and college outreach and competitions, awards for Arts teachers, in-residency Guru-shishya programs, art literacy programmes for adults.

“I think at this moment my heart is full. I am at a loss for words but I think Mukesh and me had dreamt about having a cultural centre in India comparable to the best in the world and hopefully, today is the reality. I am so looking forward to welcoming everyone to the cultural centre in Mumbai,” she added.

Reliance Industries chairman, Mukesh Ambani, said, “I think that for this art and cultural centre, Nita has gifted not only to the city of Mumbai but India. It really marks Indias coming of age. In this new India and the new era that we have and we now have the infrastructure to produce world-class content we have the infrastructure to invite everybody else from the rest of the world to come to Mumbai.”

The Cultural Centre is home to three performing arts spaces: the majestic 2,000-seat Grand Theatre, the technologically advanced 250-seat Studio Theatre, and the dynamic 12S-seat Cube. It also features the Art House, a four-storey dedicated visual arts space built as per global museum standards with the aim of housing a shifting array of exhibits and installations from the finest artistic talent across India and the world.

Spread across the Centre’s concourses is a captivating mix of public art by renowned Indian and global artists, including ‘Kamal Kunj’ — one of the largest Pichwai paintings in India. (ANI)

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