Netanyahu mourns deaths of 21 Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza attack

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TEL AVIV: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement expressing his remorse after twenty one Israeli soldiers were killed on Monday when Hamas terrorists launched an anti-tank missile at a building next to a Gaza compound being prepared for demolition.

“Yesterday we experienced one of the most difficult days since the outbreak of the war,” he said. “I would like to stand by the dear families of our heroic fighters who fell on the battlefield. I know that for these families, their lives will change forever.”

Netanyahu said that he mourns for “our heroic fallen soldiers” and that he embraces the families in their “hour of sorrow and we all pray for the well-being of those who were wounded.”

He also stated that the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) opened an inquiry into the tragedy.

“We must learn the necessary lessons and do everything to safeguard the lives of our fighters,” said Netanyahu.

“On behalf of our heroes, for our very lives, we will not stop fighting until total victory,” he declared. (ANI/TPS)

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