‘NDA synonymous with good governance’: PM Modi after being elected leader by alliance

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Public TV English
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NEW DELHI: After all alliance partners unanimously passed a resolution endorsing Narendra Modi, the leader of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA), the Prime Minister said the NDA government will provide good governance and thanked people for giving him the opportunity to serve them again.

Modi was today formally elected as the leader of the BJP, leader of NDA parliamentary party and leader of the Lok Sabha. Leaders of the NDA allies garlanded Narendra Modi after he was endorsed as the leader of the NDA parliamentary party by alliance partners

Addressing the meeting of newly elected MPs of the alliance on Friday in Parliament, Prime Minister said, “The NDA government has given good governance to the country and in a way, just saying NDA becomes synonymous with good governance. Poor welfare and good governance have been paramount in the focus of all of us”.

He also vowed to continue his efforts towards consenus as he called the NDA the most successful alliance. “I assure the people of the country that the majority they gave us to run the government, it will be our effort that we will strive towards consensus and leave no stone unturned towards taking the country forward…NDA has completed around three decades, it is no ordinary thing…I can say that this is the most successful alliance,” the Prime Minister said.

“NDA is not a gathering of some parties to gain power or run the government. This is a group that is committed to nation first with the basic spirit of nation first,” he added. He also thanked the leaders of the parties in NDA for choosing him as the leader of the alliance.

Earlier this week, leaders of parties in the NDA, including JD(U), TDP and Shiv Sena, held a meeting and passed a resolution to elect Prime Minister Narendra Modi as their leader. (ANI)

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