Nandini Dairy will maintain its brand forever, asserts CM Bommai

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BENGALURU: Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Sunday clarified that Nandini Dairy will always maintain its separate identity in the coming years.

Bommai told reporters here that the merger of Nandini with Amul is a wrong imagination and no one must criticise just because they imagine something.

“Union Minister for Home and Cooperation Amit Shah has spoken with clarity and what he meant was that each one must cooperate. Both Nandini and Amul must cooperate in technical and marketing fields. Shah had said these are two big companies and can work in cooperation, but that does not mean a merger. The Nandini Dairy will maintain its brand for hundreds of years”, he said.

The Chief Minister noted that Shah had said there will be benefits if both of them worked together in some sectors. “If Nandini or Amul is technically ahead, the same thing can be exchanged, and there could even be an exchange in administrative matters. The Union Minister’s statement must not be misunderstood and politicised”, he said. “As CM, I am saying that Nandini will have a separate identity forever,” Bommai added.

Reacting to Opposition statements on reservation for Panchamasali Lingayats and Vokkaligas, Bommai said everything will be crystal clear when the final report is submitted. “Everything will be fine within the ambit of the Constitution”, he said. (ANI)

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