Naga Sadhus conduct special prayers in Udupi after back-to-back eclipses

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Naga Sadhus conducting a special yadna in Udupi on Wednesday.

UDUPI: A group of four Naga Sadhus from the Himalayas, who are on a visit down south, conducted a special yagna on the banks of the river Thottam in Udupi over the last nine days for general well-being. The final-day rites were conducted on Wednesday.

The poornahuti was conducted on Wednesday.

After the back-to-back solar and lunar eclipses within a span of one month, there have been tremors in Nepal and Lakshadweep while a storm is brewing in the Bay of Bengal.

Considering these as bad omens and a sign of more disasters to happen in the future, the group of four Aghoris conducted the yagna and offered poornahuti on Wednesday.

Devotees had lined up where the yagna was conducted.

Hundreds of kilograms of offerings, including fruits, clothes, ghee, oils, curds and other items, were sourced from villages nearby.

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