NADA launches anti-doping helpline for athletes; to provide information on rules, guidelines

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NEW DELHI: National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) launched an anti-doping helpline number for athletes and they supported personnel to provide information about anti-doping rules and guidelines.

The Government of India emphasized ethical conduct as a key factor in the fair administration of the sporting disciplines and facilitates a safe environment free of harassment and discrimination for all stakeholders participating in sports, including the athletes, athlete support personnel, coaches, referees, officials, sports science and medical personnel, volunteers, managers, administrators, committee members, parents or guardians, as well as the office-bearers of the respective National Sports Federations (NSFs). It is also imperative for the sport that individuals observe the highest level of ethical conduct.

Further, the Government is committed to eradicating doping/drug abuse by sportspersons. To this end, set up under the Government of India, NADA, an autonomous organization, conducts Anti-Doping awareness programmes in association with the Sports Authority of India (SAI) and National Sports Federations (NSFs), for all stakeholders, including young athletes.

The details of the various initiatives taken by the Government in this regard are as under:

The recognized NSFs are eligible for financial and other forms of support from the Government of India for the development of the concerned sports disciplines. The Annual Calendar of Training and Competitions (ACTC) mechanism whereby each NSF provides details of work done and plans for the coming year, which includes various educational and awareness programmes.

NADA has launched an Anti-Doping helpline for athletes and athlete support personnel to provide information about Anti-Doping rules and guidelines. The Helpline number is 1800-119-919. To report any drug abuse or Doping activities in sports, NADA also provides ‘Speak Up! portal, which enables athletes and others to report any alleged Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs); non-compliance under the NADA Anti-Doping Rules; and any act or omission that could undermine the Fight Against Doping in Sport. NADA also ensures the maintenance of strict confidentiality of the informer and the information shared.

To help the competing athletes, awareness-cum-education material has been prepared by NADA in association with the NSFs. NADA has also introduced mass awareness programmes for athletes to spread awareness among athletes across the country about the Anti-Doping Rules and the ill effects of Doping. These programmes also spread awareness about the ill effects of Doping on health and its consequences on athletes, thus facilitating the implementation of Doping control by NSFs.

Anti-Doping education programmes are conducted at various places across the country during sporting events/training sessions at SAI Centres/SAI Training Centres, Physical Education Colleges/Universities, State Sports Associations and Services Sports Control Boards, etc.

NADA regularly releases information about Prohibited Substances as issued by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Doping Control handbooks and other information are disseminated amongst the sportspersons in the form of pamphlets in various regional languages during such awareness programmes. The awareness sessions cover key topics such as principles of strict liability, risks involved in the use of supplements, ethical values in sports, the Dope Control process, health hazards and consequences of Doping, Therapeutic Use Exemptions and Prohibited Substances, etc. A total of 169 such Anti-Doping awareness and education sessions/ workshops were organised by NADA in 2022-2023.

On 15th June 2022 detailed instructions were issued by SAI to ensure a safe and positive environment in Sports by making all stakeholders aware of the requirement of appropriate behaviour consistent with the core values of sportsmanship and appropriate moral conduct.

The following measures have also been advised for compliance:

Woman coaches need to be a mandatory part of any contingent with female athletes during domestic/international camps and competition exposures.

A compliance Officer should be appointed in all National Coaching Camps and Foreign Exposures for communicating regularly with athletes and others to ensure that the guidelines are being followed as well as enforced as per the Standard Operating Procedure on the prevention of sexual harassment in sports and also ensure reporting of violation to the responsible authorities.

Pre-camp sensitization modules are to be designed and presented to all athletes, coaches and support staff together before the commencement of any National Coaching Camp and Foreign Exposure.

The strength of women Coaches/Support Staff in National Coaching Camps should be increased by respective NSFs.

This reply was given by Minister of Sports & Youth Affairs Anurag Singh Thakur in Lok Sabha today in a written reply. (ANI)

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