‘Na hum hare the, na hare hai: PM Modi at NDA meeting

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NEW DELHI : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that the Bharatiya Janata Party-led NDA knows how to digest victory without mocking the defeated, adding that ‘na hum hare the, na hare hai’ (We were neither defeated nor are we defeated).

Addressing the meeting of newly elected MPs of the alliance in Parliament, PM Modi mocked the Opposition INDIA bloc saying that the Opposition Alliance were incapable of defeating them earlier and this time in Lok Sabha Elections.

“They (Opposition) tried to keep us in the shade of defeat. But this never works. All citizens know that ‘na hum hare the, na hare hai’ (We were neither defeated nor are we defeated). But our behaviour after the June 4th shows our identity that we know how to digest victory. Our values are such that we do not get over excited in the lap of victory and neither do we have the values of mocking the defeated. We protect the victorious and we do not have the intention of mocking the defeated. These are our values.

“You can ask any child whose government was in power before the Lok Sabha Elections. He will say NDA. Then ask him who formed the government after 2024, and he will say NDA…Pehle bhi NDA thi, aaj bhi NDA hai, aur kal bhi NDA hai’…Even after 10 years, Congress could not touch the figure of 100 seats,” he said.

He also targeted the Congress party and said, “Even after 10 years, Congress could not touch the figure of 100 seats. If we combine the 2014, 2019 and 2024 elections, Congress did not even get as many seats as BJP got in these three election. I can clearly see the people of the INDI alliance were sinking slowly earlier, now they are going to sink at a fast pace.”

PM Modi claimed that the country trusts only the NDA and added, “When there is such unwavering trust and confidence it is natural that the country’s expectations will also increase and I consider this good.”

PM Modi was today formally elected as the leader of the BJP, leader of NDA Parliamentary Party and leader of the Lok Sabha. Leaders of the NDA allies garlanded Narendra Modi.

He said that in terms of numbers in the history of coalition, this is the strongest coalition government.

PM Modi also vowed to continue his efforts towards consensus as he called the NDA the most successful alliance.

He also asserted that the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is synonymous to good governance.

“The NDA government has given good governance to the country and in a way, just saying NDA becomes synonymous with good governance. Poor welfare and good governance have been paramount in the focus of all of us,” PM Modi said.

Earlier this week, leaders of parties in the NDA held a meeting and passed a resolution to elect Prime Minister Narendra Modi as their leader. According to sources, Narendra Modi is likely to take oath as the Prime Minister for the third consecutive time on June 9.

According to the results announced by the Election Commission of India on Tuesday, the BJP won 240 seats and along with its allies, it stands at 293 seats. Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP and Nitish Kumar’s JDU, having won 16 and 12 seats respectively in their respective states, have extended support to the NDA. (ANI)

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