My wife’s family has nothing to do with my political debut: Yaduveer Wadiyar

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Public TV English
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Yaduveer Wadiyar is the BJP's candidate from Mysuru-Kodagu parliamentary constituency.

MYSURU: The scion of the Mysuru royal family, Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, who is the BJP’s candidate for the Mysuru-Kodagu parliamentary seat, has categorically denied that his wife’s family had anything to do with his entry into the political scene.

In a chat with Public TV, Yaduveer said, “I have entered politics after doing a lot of homework, it’s not an easy task. It’s a learning process. My wife’s family had nothing to do with my debut in politics and they had no role in me getting the BJP ticket. There is no truth in the gossip. Even they came to know only when the official announcement was made”.

Yaduveer Wadiyar is married to Trishika Kumari Devi, daughter of Harshvardhan Singh and Maheshree Kumari of Rajasthan’s Dungarpur royal family. Harshvardhan Singh was a former Rajya Sabha member of the BJP.

To a question on having to face criticism or brickbats in politics, he said, “I am mentally prepared for it. Yes, in my personal life, criticism is less, compared to a life as a politician. But it’s part of life and politics. Our work should speak for itself”.

On why he chose to enter politics, Yaduveer Wadiyar said, “I want to bring about development in Mysuru and Kodagu, preserve heritage and culture. I also want to serve the people on a bigger scale and that is possible when you have power.

To a question on how he will manage his time as an elected representative and performing his duties as the scion of the Mysuru royal family, Yaduveer said, “I am fortunate that my mother and wife are ably looking after the affairs of the palace. I can now dedicate myself fully for the welfare of the people. It’ll be work-work balance for me, I have to adjust and move ahead”.

“If the party asks me to campaign in other constituencies, I will do it. My being a member of the royal family could help, feel some leaders in the party. My idea of development of the constituency and the country aligns with the BJP’s. I respect people’s sentiments on me going out to seek votes, but in today’s circumstances, voters are kings. I have been with people during social, cultural and religious events. I will seek votes for the organic development of Mysuru”, he said.

On incumbent MP Pratap Simha being denied the ticket, Yaduveer said, “He’s not upset with me, he personally spoke to me on phone and will join the campaign. Given the amount of work he has done, my responsibilities will increase”.

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