My statement on hijab directed at vested interest groups, says Cong leader U T Khader

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MANGALURU: A day after his statement on the hijab issue, Deputy leader of the Opposition in the Assembly, U T Khader has claimed that some sections were misusing it. Khader had said that those fighting for the hijab issue should visit Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to see the situation there.

On Tuesday, he claimed that he had said nothing to those women who want to wear the hijab. “My statement was only aimed at those who are trying to create confusion while ignoring education. Instead of trying to find a solution, some vested interests want to keep the issue alive”, he said.

Khader went on to say that by not adhering to the law, these groups have shown their character. “If one is to become aware of Indian laws, culture and the beauty of this country, they will come to know if they visit Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. This is aimed at those trying to foment trouble”, he said.

Khader also said parents should watch out against their children being misguided and falling into the trap of vested interest groups. All should follow the laws of the land in the interest of peace, brotherhood and amity, he noted.

The Congress leader also said those who feel that they have been meted out injustice should seek justice at the appropriate forum. “But these people won’t follow rules, won’t go to court for redressal of grievances and won’t heed those concerned. A handful of people are creating this controversy and this should not adversely affect the community at large”, he said.

Stressing that parents of girl students should focus on their education, he said that it is unfortunate that they have not reacted. Even religious leaders have said education should not be hampered. Whenever there is a problem, it should be resolved through dialogue. If that is not possible, then there are courts. Nobody should create problems for society, he added.

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