Mrs World 2022 Sargam Koushal shares inspiring message for women

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NEW DELHI: After 21 years, Sargam Koushal who brought pride back in the form of the crown to India by becoming Mrs World 2022, recently shared an inspiring message for women.

Speaking to ANI on Friday, when Mrs World 2022 was asked if she will get a chance to do something for women in India, then what will she do?

To which Sargam Koushal replied, “I have a lot of things to say to the women of our country because I feel that they think after getting married the life has ended and it’s only surrounded around their family and children. This is a good thing but apart from all that, I wanted to ask when you go to sleep and when you see your face in the mirror, do you feel that passion in yourself? That I did everything I wanted to do? If the answer is no, then take a step from today itself and bring that change in your life.”

Sargam Koushal became Mrs World 2022, besting contestants from 63 countries on December 18.

On Sunday, taking to Instagram, The Mrs India pageant’s official page announced the winner.

Sharing the picture of Mrs World 2022, they wrote, “The long wait is over, it’s after 21 years we have the CROWN back!”

On Saturday, Shaylyn Ford, Mrs World 2021 from the US, presented the crown to Koushal during a ceremony at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.

Mrs Polynesia and Mrs Canada were named as first and second runner-up.

Sargam wore a gorgeous pink slit gown for the final round. Sargam fought the title with Mrs Polynesia and was then crowned Mrs World 2022.
In the video, after the announcement of Mrs World 2022, Sargam burst into tears and also give a walk wearing her pride, a new crown.

Hailing from Jammu and Kashmir, Sargam also won the Mrs. India World 2022-23 back in June this year, which led her to represent India internationally.

Earlier, in 2001, the actor-model Aditi Govitrikar brought Mrs World title in India.

Meanwhile, Mrs World, the first pageant for married women, was established in 1984. It was first known as Mrs Woman of the World before being renamed Mrs World in 1988. More than 80 nations have entered Mrs World over the years, with Americans producing the majority of the victors. (ANI)

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