Mood Of Karnataka: State may be headed for hung House again with Cong having edge

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— Congress will not get majority despite winning more seats
— Voters give 85-95 seats to BJP

BENGALURU: It could well be a hung House again. As per the ‘Mood Of Karnataka’ survey, conducted by Public TV, the state could be headed for instability this time too with voters not giving a clear majority to any party in the upcoming Assembly election. The survey indicates, no party will win 112 seats on its own, which is needed for a majority. If the Congress emerges as a largest party, the incumbent BJP will secure second position.

The present survey is not final as it was conducted without considering the issue of selection of candidates and reservation and the figures may changes as the election date draws nearer. It is widely accepted that political calculation change in some constituencies once the candidates of all parties are finalised.

It is not yet clear that what would be the effects of the reservation and internal reservation announced by the government, defection, infighting and match-fixing. Very tight fights can be expected in some constituencies between the two national parties and the winners in in 20 constituencies cannot be predicted at this moment.

There will be tough competition in many constituencies including Govindaraj Nagar, Byatarayanpura, Arasikere, Srinivaspur and hence, Public TV will hold a semi-final survey in the coming days and then a final survey. There are a total of 224 Assembly constituencies in Karnataka.

Note: The seats given in brackets are from the 2018 Karnataka Assembly elections results.

Total number of seats in Old Mysuru region: 57 

BJP – 11 (11)
Congress – 19 (17)
JD(S) – 26 (27)
Others – 1 (2)

Total number of seats in Kalyana Karnataka total constituencies: 41 

BJP – 12 (16)
Congress – 25 (21)
JDS – 3 (4)
Other -1 (0)

Total number of seats in Kittur Karnataka: 50

BJP – 22 (30)
Congress – 26 (17)
JDS – 2 (2)
Other – 0 (1)

Total number of seats in Malnad and Central Karnataka: 25 

BJP – 16 (20)
Congress – 9 (5)
JDS – 0 (0)

Total number of seats in Greater Bengaluru: 32 

BJP — 16 (11)
Congress — 14 (17)
JDS — 2 (4)

Total number of seats in Karnataka: 224

BJP : 85-95 (104)
Congress: 98-108 (80)
JDS : 28-33 (37)
Other : 00-02 (2)

Constituencies where there is a 50:50 chance – 20 (For instance: Govindaraja Nagar, Byatarayanapura, Arasikere, Srinivasapura, etc).


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