Mood Of Karnataka: Congress stands to lose seats as BJP gains in Greater Bengaluru 

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BENGALURU: The BJP is likely to get more seats in Greater Bengaluru in the upcoming Assembly election. Bengaluru North, Bangaluru South, Bengaluru Central already have BJP Members of Parliament and Public TV’s ‘Mood Of Karnataka’ survey shows that the Modi wave is likely to help the BJP  in urban areas.

Considering the last election figures, a huge ‘Operation Lotus’ took place in Bengaluru along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s strategy. Thus, there is a possibility of setback for Congress and JD(S) in 2023 election as those MLAs who switched over to the BJP last year are still with the BJP. But the survey shows that the BJP is not in a position to open its account in Bengaluru Rural. Greater Bangaluru has a total of 32 constituencies.

Note: The seats given in brackets are from the 2018 Karnataka Assembly election results.

Total number of constituencies in Bengaluru City — 28

BJP – 16 (11)
Congress – 12 (15)
JDS – 0 (2)

Total number of constituencies in Bengaluru Rural — 4
BJP – 0 (0)
Congress – 2 (2)
JDS – 2 (2)

Total number of seats in Greater Bengaluru: 32

BJP — 16 (11)
Congress —  14 (17)
JDS — 2 (4)

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