Monkey snatches woman’s mobile phone, fiddles with it atop tree

Public TV English
Public TV English
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The monkey with the phone atop a tree.

MYSURU: A woman who was visiting the Chamundi Hills here had to face some tense moments when a monkey grabbed her handbag containing her mobile phone and perched high up a tree.

The woman and her relatives waiting under the tree.

The woman, who had come along with some other family members from Hassan, were at the foot of the hill when a monkey snatched her handbag and clambered up a tree. From its perch, the monkey began examining the contents of the handbag and throwing down stuff one by one.

The woman was relieved to get back her phone in working condition.

When the monkey laid its hands on the woman’s mobile phone, it climbed higher and sat examining the shiny gadget. While the woman and her relatives waited patiently below, the monkey continued to fiddle with the mobile phone for about half an hour.

Finally, someone suggested that a banana be thrown towards the monkey and the monkey dropped the phone after its attention was diverted. The relieved woman picked up her phone and the group continued on their journey.

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