Moj’s first fitness IP #FeelFitIndia, Garners 1.6M UGC Videos

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Moj #FeelFitIndia

NEW DELHI: With the growing popularity of fitness enthusiasts in India, Moj, India’s number one short video app, successfully concluded its first fitness IP, #FeelFitIndia.

The 90-day fitness challenge garnered 1.6M UGC videos and 30B views. #FeelFitIndia showcased India’s growing love for workouts and how it is on its way to becoming a more fit nation. The campaign began on March 24 and was led by celebrities like cricketer Rishabh Pant, model and fitness influencer Arun Amrit, actress Priyanka Tyagi and others. With six sub-challenges, each challenge winner, Jawed Khan, Pankhuri Srivastava, Rakhi Sharma, announced last week, received a Peloton training bike worth Rs 70,000.

Thanks to the massive number of health and fitness GenZ enthusiasts who came to Moj looking for new ways to amp up their workout routines, the Feel Fit India campaign was a big success. The Push-up Challenge, Squat Challenge, Rope Skipping, Pull-Up Challenges, and the Plank Challenge were the six challenges developed to assure a successful full-body workout.

Taking the opportunity to elaborate on the campaign, Shashank Shekhar – Sr Director- Content Strategy & Operations, ShareChat and Moj said, “With 29 billion impressions from our fitness IP, the #FeelFitIndia campaign is very encouraging. It will be fair to say that Indians are acknowledging the importance of fitness and have realised that a healthier lifestyle can be followed from the comfort of our own homes. The fitness challenges throughout the campaign created healthy competition among creators. We hope that the campaign has motivated our users to begin their fitness journey and continue it.” (ANI/BusinessWire India)

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