M’luru pub in the eye of storm over minors consuming liquor, police chief denies attack

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Police at the pub on Monday night.

MANGALURU: A few activists of a right wing organisation approached a popular pub at Balmatta alleging that minors were being allowed to consume alcohol and narcotics within the premises on Monday night. While initially it was said to be another instance of pub attack, Mangaluru City Police Commissioner N Shashikumar and Bajrang Dal district convener Puneet Attavar have clarified that there was no attack.

Around 9 pm on Monday, a few activists of the Bajrang Dal arrived at the Re-cycle pub and alleged that minors were being allowed to consume liquor. The organisation, however, clarified that they did not attack any pub nor was anyone bodily harmed.

“The police were informed and the issue was raised with the pub bouncer. We received information that some of those involved in the lip lock episode were at the pub. In Mangaluru, all pubs are allowing minors and banned substances are consumed. We are warning all pub owners. If the police don’t act, we will”, said Puneet Attavar.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner N Shashikumar said no pub was attacked, but some activists of an organisation had gathered in front of the pub on Monday night alleging that minors were consuming alcohol.

Police Commissioner N Shashikumar speaking to the pub bouncer.

“They spoke to the bouncer Dinesh, who discussed with the pub manager and and all minors were sent out. There was no attack and no one was hurt. There is no connection with the lip lock incident and none of those students were at the pub. No complaint has been lodged so far and if any complaint is registered, we will take it up”, he added.

Patrons of the pub at Balmatta being sent out on Monday night.

Shashikumar also said that the bouncer told the police that none of the activists entered the pub. The statements of the pub manager and the bouncer have been recorded and CCTV footage is being verified. Those at the pub were final-year degree students, he clarified.

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