Minister says he’ll discuss with CM about renaming Namma Metro after Basavanna, users not for it

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BENGALURU: Large and Medium Industries Minister M B Patil’s suggestion that Namma Metro be named after 12th century reformer Basavanna has met with some resistance with Metro users saying that Bengalureans are accustomed to Namma Metro and changing the name now is not warranted.

Speaking to reporters here on Monday, Patil said he will urge Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to have Basavanna’s name on Namma Metro and to declare Basavanna as the cultural icon of the state. “People insist and I too want that Namma Metro should be named after Basaveshwara. The airport here was named after Bengaluru founder Kempegowda. Similarly, the metro should be named after Basaveshwara. He gave the message of equality in the 12th century. Basavanna was the one who gave the first parliament to the world. He is our leader. It would be appropriate to name the Metro after him. I talk to CM Siddaramaiah in this regard”, he had said.

Minister M B Patil said he will discuss the renaming issue with the CM.

He said that in Maharashtra, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj has been declared as a cultural leader. Similarly, Basavanna should be declared as the cultural leader in Karnataka, Patil felt.

On changing the name of Vijayapura district to Basaveshwara district, he said that some organisations had approached him in this regard. “Vijayapura is the district where Basavanna was born. Therefore, some organisations urged the DC and the state government to name it as Basaveshwara district. No one has any objection to it. The name Vijayapurs was given to Bijapur. Now if Vijayapura is made Basaveshwara district, it will be beneficial. I will discuss this with the CM and we will take a decision”, he had said.

“No one has any objection to naming the district after Basaveshwara. This needs to be discussed due to technical issues. It is not a big deal that Vijayapura airport was named after Basavanna. Basaveshwara is not only limited to Vijayapura district. Basavanna, Kempegowda, Kuvempu are not limited to one district. It is my insistence and the demand of the people that the entire Metro should be named after Basavanna. Kempegowda and Basavanna are the cultural ambassadors of this state, so it is appropriate that their names are there”, he said.

“I travel 3-4 times in a day on the Metro. I prefer the Metro because you encounter traffic on the roads. Namma Metro, Namma Bengaluru are our pride. Basavanna’s name should be at the national level, but the name of the Metro should not be changed”, said Veerabhadra, a regular Metro user. “If people of different languages have to understand, the name Namma Metro is best. Basavanna is popular in north Karnataka. The name Namma Metro is best”, said Lokesh.

Pushpavathi, another Metro user, said, “Basavanna is necessary for Kannada’s survival. But the name Namma Metro is good and should stay because people who speak different languages use it”. “Changing the name will not change the character. It is not good to change the name of Namma Metro. There is no need for it”, said another Metro user.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) state president Mukhyamantri Chandru too felt there is no need to change the name of Namma Metro. “Namma Metro is Bengaluru’s pride and the name has become popular, so it would not be right to change the name. We don’t have any issue with Basaveshwara’s name, he is respected worldwide. A project of international repute can have his name, let it not be limited to the Metro”, he added.

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