Minister Prabhu Chavan warns of strict action against illegal sale of pets

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BENGALURU: Animal Husbandry Minister Prabhu Chavan has said that the state government will take strict action against pet sellers if they open their shops without registering with the Karnataka Animal Welfare Board. “During inspection, if unauthorised sale of domestic and foreign birds and animals is found, disciplinary action will be taken against those concerned”, he said.

He also said that various rules framed under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act, 1960, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, Dog Breed Market Rules, 2017 and Pet Shop Rules, 2018 are clearly applicable to shops selling birds and animals.

There were many complaints about the sale of small chicks, birds and dogs dying and rotting without food and water. “In this background, all animals that were rescued in Bengaluru city have been kept in an animal rescue home with facilities recognised as per the law”, the minister further said.

It also had come to the fore that most of the shops have many birds kept in one cage, birds and animals struggle for space and fresh air, lack water, food supply and cleanliness.

Responding to the complaints that animals and birds are being sold illegally without taking any precautionary measures, the minister said, “I had earlier informed the officials of Animal Husbandry Department and Karnataka Animal Welfare Board, Animal Husbandry Department of BBMP on Wednesday”.

He further said that officials had been instructed to check all the shops selling animals and birds and pet shops in all the districts in the coming days. Chavan further suggested that pet shop owners who sell different species of animals and birds including pigeons, rabbits, ducks, dogs and cats should get registered and licenced with the Karnataka Animal Welfare Board and follow the rules for buying pets.

Chavan requested that the public can immediately call the helpline number 82771 00200 if shop owners who sell animals and birds are found to be not keeping them clean without proper care, nutrition, protection and treatment. The public should check the licence of pet sellers when they visit the shops. Chavan appealed to the public to observe the rules on purchase of pets and buy only from registered breeders and pet shops. (ANI)

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