Microsoft chief Satya Nadella says cloud-based services a ‘game-changer’

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MUMBAI: Satya Nadella, Microsoft chairman and chief executive officer, said cloud-based services, which are energy efficient in nature, are a “game-changer” and adoption of such technologies is going to rise going ahead. Nadella, who is currently in India, addressed a Microsoft Future Ready Leadership Summit in Mumbai on Tuesday. He is also expected to visit New Delhi and Bengaluru.

“Cloud-native applications (which is in the native-to-intermediate stage) have yet not begun…by 2025, you are going to have most of the application anybody builds really at that efficient frontier of cloud net”, Nadella said. “When you move to the cloud, for example, it’s 70-80 per cent more energy efficient. If you want to be more energy efficient on any workload, the first thing to do is to move to the cloud”.

“You also hedge against demand cycles by moving to the cloud, you are consuming when you need it”, Nadella added.

Cloud-based services will be foundational to scaling India’s digital journey and Microsoft is innovating across the board to support the country’s ecosystem of developers, startups and companies across the industry. Microsoft has operated in India for more than 32 years now.

While interacting with top business leaders at the Microsoft Future Ready Leadership Summit, Nadella reinforced the digital imperative for every organisation and how the Microsoft Cloud can foster innovation, create broad economic progress, and accelerate the growth of businesses in India.

“Our mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more, and ultimately, we have to measure our success by achieving that mission”, said Nadella, sharing his vision for a tech-enabled India.

“In simple terms, I say, we should do well only when the world around us is doing well. One of the most fantastic things, even in this trip to India, that I’m learning about, is not just what’s happening in the top cities of the country, but what’s happening across all the cities in the country and how digital is playing a role”, Nadella added.

Nadella also highlighted how organisations, big and small, across India are transforming with the power of Microsoft’s tech stack and solutions. (ANI)

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