Meghalaya BJP chief: ‘No restrictions on eating beef if BJP comes to power’

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SHILLONG: Meghalaya BJP chief Ernest Mawrie on Friday said that if BJP comes to power in the poll-bound state, they would not impose any restrictions on the people consuming beef.

Ernest Mawrie told ANI that Meghalaya is a Christian-majority state and if BJP comes to power, it would provide more security to the Christians.

“We will not impose any restriction on consuming beef in Meghalaya. If we will form the government, then it will be better for Meghalaya. We will give full protection to the Christians of Meghalaya. Eating habit is our culture, BJP will not impose any restrictions on them. Many of us eat pork, beef, chicken and fish. There is no problem with our party. We have not discussed anymore on this. There will be no restriction,” Ernest Mawrie said.

The Meghalaya BJP president also said that, they will not go with Congress and TMC to form the next government in Meghalaya.

“We will form the government if we get majority seats. Our first agenda is development. There is no infrastructure, good hospital, engineering college, the good airport in Meghalaya. The unemployment rate has also increased too high. We will do these things first. We have given a promise to the people of Meghalaya to do this and it has been mentioned in our vision document. We will implement all schemes for service to the people,” Ernest Mawrie said.

“We will form the next government in Meghalaya with a like-minded party against corruption after the declaration of results on March 2. We can’t go with Congress and TMC and it’s not possible,” Ernest Mawrie added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited poll-bound Meghalaya on Friday and took part in a rally and roadshow in Shillong.

Meghalaya will go to Assembly polls on February 27 along with Nagaland. The counting of votes will take place on March 2. (ANI)

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