Marshals to keep an eye on people shooting videos on Namma Metro for social media reels

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Gymnastic, stunts inside the Metro

BENGALURU: After Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) banned filming of videos inside the Metro, now Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) has decided to ban dance videos or any other such activities for social media reels that may cause inconvenience to other passengers. For this, it had deployed Marshals in the Metro to keep eye on people.

Recently, Marshals have got some passengers to get off for doing stunts inside a Metro train. Henceforth, the Marshals will keep eye on such passengers and will send them out without hesitation.

Anjum Parvez, Managing Director, BMRCL said, Metro Marshals will hand over people shooting reels to the police.

Anjum Parvez, Managing Director, Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd said, “Marshals will keep eye on movement of passengers and announcements will also be made at the stations. During the Covid time, a trend of making reels in the Metro increased, because most of the commuters were using Metro at that time. We have taken some measures to prevent it. Other passengers should not get disturbed while making reels or filming, doing gymnastic or stunts. There were three-four such cases reported and they handed them over to police. We also get calls from passengers about such things happening in Bengaluru Metro and we keep raising awareness among commuters”.

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