Mark-III EVMs to used in Assembly polls

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BENGALURU: With the legislative Assembly 2023 elections round the corner, preparations have already begun by the authorities concerned for the conduct of the polls. The Election Commission of India has decided to use the M-III Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) for voting, which is just similar to the earlier EVM, but is an improved version with more efficiency and increased capacity.

K A Dayanand said the M-III EVM is an improved device with more efficiency.

K A Dayanand, Deputy Commissioner of Bengaluru Urban, sad the M-III EVM machine is an improved version of earlier EVMs and is more efficient. Earlier, a single EVM unit had a capacity to accommodate the details of 64 candidates including NOTA, with four ballot machine linked to one control unit. In the improved EVM, 24 ballot units can be connect to one control unit and can accommodate details of 384 at a time. We have designed it after understanding the deficiencies noticed earlier”, he added.

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