Man steals Rs 2 lakh from glove compartment of businessman’s scooter

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The thief can be seen following the businessman as the latter parks his scooter and heads to his friend's shop.

KALABURAGI: A man stole Rs 2 lakh in cash kept in a bag in the glove compartment of a scooter at the supermarket here on Thursday. The theft was caught on CCTV camera.

Nitin Bavage, the owner of a grocery store closed his shop and was heading home on his scooter when he stopped by at a friend’s shop on the opposite side of the road. He had kept Rs 2 lakh cash in the glove compartment of his scooter.

The thief pries open the scooter glove compartment and flees with the bag containing cash.

In CCTV footage, the thief is seen following Nitin on foot and as he heads to his friend’s shop after parking his scooter, the thief loiters around for a while, pries open the glove box and escapes with the bag containing the cash.

When Nitin realised that the cash was missing, he approached the Chowk police station and lodged a complaint. Further investigation is under way.

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