Man saves 7-year-old daughter from leopard attack at home

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A police officer at Bellavi police station examines the injuries on Lekhana's leg late on Tuesday evening.

TUMAKURU: A man chased away a leopard and saved his seven-year-old daughter at their house in Chikkabellavi in the taluk on Tuesday evening.

The leopard had entered the compound of Rakesh’s house when Lekhana was playing and clawed her in the thigh. The father, who was right there, raised an alarm and chased away the leopard and rescued his daughter. The injured girl was later admitted to a hospital for treatment.

The child with her mother Harshita at a hospital.

Rakesh told Public TV, “I was scared, but I had to save my daughter. Our two children were playing in the front yard when the leopard attacked my daughter who was near me. Our son was a little distance away. I pulled my daughter away, but she still sustained injuries in the leg and hand. The leopard retreated about 50 metres and then the other villagers also got together and chased it away”.

The father Rakesh managed to rescue his daughter from the leopard.

“Around 6.30 pm, Lekhana stepped out into the courtyard as her father was there. The leopard suddenly scaled the compound wall and clawed her. My husband raised an alarm and pulled our daughter away”, said Harshita, the girl’s mother.

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