Man posing as cop extorts Rs 38,000 from woman over phone

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MANGALURU: A man allegedly extorted Rs 38,000 money from a woman by posing as a police official. The woman is said to be the mother of an an actress.

Accused introduced himself as a police personnel Shivaraj Adiga from Pandeshwar women’s police station in Mangaluru. He threatened her over phone saying that the police will raid her house as someone had given a complaint against her. He also told her that no raid will be conducted if she cooperated with senior officers and paid up the money through Google Pay.

The woman lost Rs 38,000 to a man who posed as a policeman.

The woman said, “A man called me saying that he is from Pandeshwar women’s police station and that someone had given a complaint saying that there is a lot of money and gold items in my house. He said if a case registered at the station, he will let me know the name of complainant”.

“He first asked to pay Rs 20,000. On my request, he reduced it to Rs 18,000 and I paid up as I was scared. He called me again the next day saying that a new police commissioner had been posted and that the case file was with the police chief. He demanded that Rs 40,000 should be paid at the commissioner’s office to move the file out, so I gave Rs 20,000 after mortgaging my gold ornaments at the bank. I don’t whether the caller was really a policeman or not. The police should help me get justice”, she pleaded.

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