Man in Santa Claus attire imitating Panjurli Daiva draws netizens’ ire

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A man in Santa Claus costume imitating the Panjurli Daiva in the climax scene in the movie Kantara.

UDUPI: A person dressed as Santa Claus, who is seen imitating the Panjurli Daiva in a video, even as the background score from the blockbuster ‘Kantara’ plays in the background, has invited the wrath of netizens for hurting religious sentiments.

In the video, a person in a Santa Claus outfit, can been seen enacting the climax scene from the movie. The video has since gone viral, drawing the ire of people from the coastal areas who said that they will not tolerate jokes against the Daivaradhane custom. They have also demanded action against those making videos imitating the demigods.

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