Man delivers food on horseback, Swiggy offers Rs 5,000 reward for his identification

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Man delivers food on horseback

NEW DELHI: It is not often that you find a Swiggy delivery agent, dropping your food on a horse. However, a recent viral video of an unidentified man delivering food while riding on horseback has created quite a buzz on the Internet. So much so that Swiggy has offered to provide reward money of Rs 5,000 to anyone who is able to identify the man.

Taking to Twitter, Swiggy shared the video, and wrote, “This particular horse!”

The 6-second video clip showed a man sitting on a white horse with a Swiggy bag attached to his back as he rides the animal and crosses the road in the Mumbai rains.

As soon as the video emerged on the micro-blogging site, netizens have been left amused and amazed by this rare sight and Twitter erupted with hilarious reactions.
“Please provide this delivery mode in Delhi NCR also… Swiggy delivery like a knight on a white horse.. Will be something to remember for years…” wrote one Twitter user.

“Next delivery should be in Majnu bhai style” commented another Twitter user.

“Horse riding and trading in Mumbai on the rise, even though Mahalaxmi Race Course is a thing of the past,” wrote a third Twitterati.

Swiggy also addressed the people and asked for help to identify the man caught in this strange act. In a Twitter post, the food delivery company listed a series of questions that they sought answers for.

“Who is this gallant young star? Is he riding a Toofan or a Bijli? Why is he so determined to cross a busy Mumbai street, on a very rainy day?” They also followed it up with a very pertinent question, “Where did he park his horse when he went to deliver this order?” asked Swiggy on the micro-blogging site.

In addition, they also declared, “It’s 5k in Swiggy Money for the first person who can give intel about our accidental brand ambassador.” “Let’s address the horse in the room,” wrote Swiggy on Twitter before attaching a note asking for the whereabouts of the “Swiggyman”

The video has garnered over 65,00 views and received more than 900 likes. Would you also like your food to be delivered on a horse? (ANI)

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