Man creates ruckus at Ganganagar apartment complex after rats chew off car wires

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Comfort Enclave apartment where Lakshminarayan had parked his MUV.

BENGALURU: A car owner created a ruckus over rats chewing off the wiring of his vehicle at an apartment complex at Ganganagar in RT Nagar area. He even demanded that the apartment association compensate him for the damage.

Lakshminarayan had parked his Toyota Innova MUV in the empty parking slot of one of his relatives at Comfort Enclave apartment complex. After a few days, he realised that rats had chewed off the car wiring. Lakshminarayan demanded that the apartment association pay him Rs 25,000 which he had incurred to get his vehicle fixed.

On May 17, Lakshminarayan called the association president and created a scene that he be paid towards the vehicle repair. The association members then questioned him why he had parked his car in their apartment complex and threw up their hands.

Angered by the response, Lakshminarayan threw the garbage bins kept there and when the residents questioned him, he abused them in foul language and even threatened to kill them.

Nirupama, a resident of the apartment complex, has now lodged a complaint with the RT Nagar police.

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